Pink Rocks and Apple Pie… both reminders of what God has done in my life.

In college I really struggled with what I felt I had become and what I wanted to be. I struggled with the baggage left over from my past and wasn’t sure if God could heal and use me further. I guess I was a mess. I was at the point of believing that I was ruined for good. But two things happened that for me were significant.

The first, was a project we had to do for a class at the Falls. We had to bring an object that we felt resembled us. A object that we could explain. I had come home late in the afternoon and sat on the ground outside our apartment. I was running my fingers through the dirt and picked two rocks. They weren’t even pretty. They were this white color and were really sharp and rough. lol This was my object. At the time I had gone through a bad relationship that left me feeling really blaaa, as many of us girls like to say. I didn’t feel useful or beautiful anymore. So this rock fit just right.  What is important for these stories is that you know about Jan, my beautiful filipino roomate. We were both girls who had tried to conform to what we thought we should be and couldn’t seem to get there. Both girls who desired to travel and share the Gospel, both girls who were not what we deemed missionary material.  We had to do these projects together being of the same major… So, We took the rocks, sat them on the table and just laughed at what a disaster we both seemed to be. There was some pink polish on the table beside us. Jan took it out and started painting the rocks. We sat and stared… then both began to smile. God had intention. We may be a little rough and hard, but we are being transformed. People may see rough edges, but from now on we will see pink. My edges make me who I am, so I don’t mind them so much anymore. We are each different, wounded, sometimes totally fallen into the depths… but God shall receive glory as he takes their hard hearts and changes them into brilliant colors of only God’s great imagination.

The second was a normal day in Toccoa. Jan and I were at our apartment which was actually just a basement with a kitchen. I was cutting up a couple of apples, preparing to make my grandmother’s amazing homemade fried apple pies. (The best dessert I know how to make 🙂 I had walked away for a couple of minutes, and when I got back the cut pieces of apple had already turned brown. Just looked gross. I turned to my roommate Jan and realized “this is how I feel and I think… look” but then after I had finished and was eating the pies, I realized, that all those ugly brown pieces of apple made a abosolutely delicious apple pie. God spoke to my heart right there in our sad apartment… I can take your broken dirty pieces and make you something even better than you could even imagine. So simple, but it healed me that day.  Now I can’t even believe it, but God has opened so many opportunities for me, and now going to Vietnam… i’m glad God uses the ugly pieces. I am fried apple pies. I am pink rocks.  He has done some very cool things in me. 🙂