ImageI keep thinking i’m going to turn this blog into something that I can use without being in another country. Maybe i’ll experiment with food, or decorate and then take pictures… make some new crafts and explain the kind of necessary glues it takes. But I haven’t reached that point yet. For some reason when I get on and look at this blog, i’m reminded of this time that seems kind of far away now.

Tomorrow April 13th… is the year anniversary of my accident. I haven’t been crazy emotional or trying to make it into some big deal, because it’s really not. It’s just a day that changed me. We have those days quite often. Some things change us for good and others we don’t turn out so well. I think sometimes i’m back and forth about how i’m still turning out. Still not sure of the end result. Guess I won’t know till my final days.

I think my accident was a bit like Frodo on Lord of the Rings. He was handed a significant burden (much larger than mine) and was asked to journey with it… some days without friends, shelter, or whatever. A difficult road. And there were times he wished he could just give it back, but at that point all he could do was decide how to move forward. We are all there. We can’t give it all back. Some of you are without companionship, finances maybe, or something secret that clings to your heart the way a stone does falling to the sea.

I just desperately hope that I never stop pushing forward because of the difficulty, but know the difficulty makes the end result even more precious… one day I will run 5 miles again. Not that I could do that before lol but one day I will make it happen. And one day there will also be a challenge bigger than this one. And hopefully by then, i’ll be a little bit stronger… not because of my personal strength, but because i’ll have learned to trust God a little bit more. He saved my life is several ways. Seems that is our theme lately. Christ defeating death.

Thank you to all who prayed for me this year and for those who have listened. You are appreciated.