last night I was lying in the ambulence alone. I stared up at the ceiling, out of the windows into the damp night and began to wonder, “what is it that I should even feel right now?” I was sick from throwing up and I couldn’t keep the pain meds down… my head was swirling without real reason. I couldn’t cry. I just laid… The Thai medic was very nice and tried to hold my hand for comfort. I tried to figure out everything in my head… what had happened Wednesday at 3:45.

Emy and I were headed out to the beach that afternoon on her bike. I was having a hard day so she was being awesome friend and taking me out for some laughs. We were on mostly backroads, and as we crossed through the intersection we only saw a truck that was moving pretty slow on our right, so we continued on through the intersection… suddenly seeing an SUV on our left moving at 70 Kil per hour. (which was told to us later) He hit Emy and I on the right side breaking both of our legs, and threw us about 35 feet to the side of the road, while he drug our bike another 20 feet before he could stop. I remember the blow, but that’s it. Next thing I saw was several people standing over me telling me it was ok in broken Vietnamese. I heard Emy behind me telling me over and over how sorry she was. I reached back unable to move and grabbed her arm. I just told her that I loved her and that we were gonna make it through this. I tried to look down at my body to see what was wrong but I was afraid. I had blood on my face, hands, and back. I was able to call Tony and tell him where we were and what had happened, I was actually pretty sane and together. But as soon as they loaded me up, I lost it a little. I didn’t know what was going on, who was there. I was just confused.
We were taking to a sort of western clinic in Da Nang where they straightened my leg (Which I must have passed out for lol) and put us in a room for a little over 24 hours. I won’t go into detail about some of the detail but it was intersting. Lots of crying, and lots of praising. But everyone I met in Da Nang came and laughed with me and made the time such a blessing. Also messages from home brought joy to my heart.

They loaded us up into a small jet plan and flew us over to Thailand… we didn’t really get into the hospital until about 12 am. That was the point I was laying alone trying to figure out the days. So much crazy stuff.

The one thing I remembered doing was singing as always, So I spoke the words over and over until I believed it. “Father I adore you, I lay my life before, how I love you.”

So I have will have my operation about 1 here, which is 2 hours away. I am scared, but I am confident that he who started a work will complete it. Got to go because I have just been given pain killers, so i’m not really sure what im tryping anymore lol LOVE

PS I’ll update after surgery.