This evening I made a point to come home and rest. I hung clothes up, cleaned my room, washed my hair (This is a pretty regular thing) played with the girls, and then sat down to have some reading time. Things have been so crazy here that I have to be very intentional to have time to myself, and time to really focus and pray. This is a struggle no matter where you are.

This last weekend was supposed to be a really exciting time, and it was… but sadly I was unable to be involved. A couple of friends and I were asked to visit a C-h-u-r-c-h up in the mountains. We would be working with special needs children, and also would be putting together packages for other kids in the community who are very poor and malnourished. We started to make plans and pray about what the big guy would have us to do… then, unfortunately… I received sad news about what me going could actually do for the community or my Vietnamese friends. (I wrote out the details of the danger that could happen but after some thinking decided to take it down… better safe than sorry) basically it is not good for foreigners to go into the mountains, because it can draw unwanted attention. So I chose not to go. This of course was very hard for me, but I knew that I could still be a huge support for the people there.

We bought enough supplies (Toothbrush, toothpaste, pencil, pen, paper, 6 cartons of milk, shampoo, soap, candy, and a toy) for each child. So those of you who have supported me on this trip… just know that it is you that have really blessed over 70 families in the mountains of Vietnam.

When my friend Emy returned, she told me of all the stories she encountered (Emy is like a fourth Vietnamese, but is from Canada) … she told me of a lady and her husband who spent two years in the fields trying to raise enough money to send their children to school. However, since there were no banks for them to store their money, they did what many families do… hide their money down in the plants in the fields. Sadly, one day while the woman was working, she accidentally set some of the field on fire… which just happened to hold two years worth of their wages (Which apparently was about $900) Can you imagine what this woman must have felt? This was devastating and really hurt their chances to put their children through school. As I looked at the pictures, I knew exactly who this lady was… because the guilt and heartache was written across her face. She looked broken.

There were so many stories just like that. And though I couldn’t go, it touched my heart so much. I ask that you all pray for these mountain families. Pray that God would supply.

I miss you all… the time difference is getting harder, because often I want to make a call to the States about 2am… lol I don’t. No worries.

One last thing… something that has really weighed on me. Since I have been in Vietnam, I have seen more accidents than all my years in the States. And when I say accidents, I mean bodies laying on the road without life. When I see it, I freeze up. It feels hard to breath sometimes and it just hurts so much to see so many young lives lost. Usually the accident is with a teenager or young adult. Pray for the families of the young boys I saw this week. And pray that when or if I come upon it I will know how to react.

Isaiah 61-… Bind up the brokenhearted… To proclaim freedom for the captives…