The story of Cinderella has enchanted generations. Girls love it… Why? Because she was just a simple girl, nothing special. Then one day, a shoe changed her life. And for that moment, she stole the attention of a kingdom.

I couldn’t help but think about cinderella and her shoe tonight, while at the Promise House Orphanage. It was a regular night… kids laying in my lap, a little basketball, kids hanging onto my back while I try to swing. All the fun things we do. But tonight, we had the priviledge to hand out new shoes… The kids all ran around in their new flipflops. Most probably only cost about 5 dollars or less, but the kids were so proud. A few wanted to keep theirs in the plastic and we were encouraging them to take them out and wear them.

I was sitting in the little living area holding a few of the kids when I noticed one of the older girls out in the courtyard. She is probably around 12, and takes care of many of the younger children in the orphanage. I don’t think she knew I could see her… She was taking slow steps, and one by one, she would look to see how her new red flipflops looked on her feet. They were a pretty red color with a little plastic flower on the front. She twisted, and turned, and skipped, looking down for every move. The courtyard was empty, but it seemed in her mind that she had a captive audience… and for once in her frail life, she was the beauty…I knew that look on her face, no girl could miss it… The look the bride has coming across the floor, the little girl in her new Easter Dress, a teenage girl on her prom night.

I watched her for about 5 minutes, and then she took them off, and walked away… she was still smiling.

So many moments have happened while in Vietnam just like this one. It is a very small window, but when I catch them, I feel as though I have witnessed something incredible. It is a picture in my heart as famous as any Monet or Van Gogh. It’s a picture that can never be painted or caught by camera, it is only written on the hearts of those who understand the feelings behind them…

One shoe can change your life says Cinderella…

Maybe the girls life did not change, but for tonight she was beautiful. And that is worth more than a hundred fairy tales.