Ok, so I wrote this a while back when I was off on a camping trip with my parents. I tend to write all the time and then hide away whatever i’ve written, until that fateful day when I clean out my closet. Thought it was fun and a helpful for this moment. So I wanted to share. (PS, this was in context of a boy at the time, but I think it’s in context of everything now)

The art of catching a fish.

Catching a fish is a technique … along with having a little faith. I mean you definitely have to do a few things to prepare to catch and a few things to make the fish wanna eat, however if you really think about it… You have no idea what’s going on in that murky water, and all you can do is believe and hope that what you are doing is what the fish wants and needs. Faith.

As to the preparation

Step 1- Be willing to walk a distance, and make sure your surroundings fit. You can’t catch a fish in a puddle, not a delicious one anyhow. Be willing to find that promising place. It may take a while to get there, but it will be worth it. What will it look like? That is up to you and also depends what kind of fish you are wanting to catch. Do the research. I Like the corner water, where the lake disappears off into the woods. Where the trees are fallen and the light is rare. That is where you will find me.

Step 2- Have everything ready for if you actually catch one. Have your dandy fish bucket ready, a knife in case you have to cut the line, or little pliers in case the hook gets caught in the fish. And of course your fishing poles and so on. This part has nothing to do with the fish, and has everything to do with you… so remember that. Not the fishes fault.

Step 3- Then think about the kind of fish you want to catch. If I want a bass, then I would probably use a worm and fish on a bottom, and I would cast out into the lake a little farther than normal. If you are looking for certain fish then you need to be intentional.

Step 4- JUST CAST THE LINE- this will take patience and humor. Well for me anyhow. First few times I looked to make sure no one was watching because I tend to embarrass myself. Don’t get discouraged if you catch a lot of grass at first. Just shake it off and cast again and again and again and again.

SIDE NOTE- fishing does not work for those who give up easily.

This is what is most important. The truth is… I’m still sitting here, having not caught any fish. In fact I’m  just sitting in the sunshine. What many people forget is that fishing maybe for a fun or a yummy dinner, but for many, including myself, fishing is really about me and my surroundings. It’s about where I am. It’s being in the sunshine, surrounded by the wild, watching the squirrels fight and listening to the wind call out and shake the trees. If I forget these things… I have forgotten why I fish in the first place.

Truth- there will be more time to fish… but I can’t have these moments back. The art of fishing is there isn’t an art really. People may argue, but I’ve met some great fishermen who did the right things, found the best spots, waited all day… came back with nothing. But even if they didn’t catch, they were still fishing, because it was just about them being there that moment and loving it.

Things will not always go our way, but love who you are and where you are. And if you get a bite, then it will be the icing. 🙂