PS…. I love you. Yes that is a chick flick. For some reason when girls are having a sad moment, they have a need to go do something that would make them more sad. Not sure why we do this, but it happens. So I love this movie, but when I watch it, I end up using a whole roll of toilet paper (i’m to cheap for tissues) It’s about a girl who loses her husband and spends the whole movie trying to get over him. He sends her letters through the whole thing, and ends every letter with PS I LOVE YOU.

We don’t tell people enough what they mean to us. One of my dearest friends at the end of high school was Matthew B. He made me feel like a jewel and when I would see him he would hug me until my worries melted. 2003 my friend got her car stuck in the mud of a cotton field, total freak Alabama kind of accident. He came to pull us out before the farmer had us put in jail. I drove up to my house covered in mud and had to face my mom, ugh. lol He just laughed at me and told me how beautiful I was. I looked at him and said, my Matthew, how I love you. We sat in the swing and he held my little mud covered hand… the next week, my friends took me outside and told me that they were sorry to tell me, but my Matthew had been killed in an accident. He was a hero. A firefighter going to fight. I was broken for a long time. But you know what raised my heart from the place it was… Matthew knew how I loved him. How I loved him and still do.

Sometimes I tend to say things I mean. Yep. I like to say what is on my heart. NOw this can be a very bad thing and does get me into trouble. But at the same time i’m really glad I have this ability. Have you ever thought about what  the PS actually means. You smart people know, but for those of us who weren’t sure, here ya go.

In a written communication, “P.S.” stands for the Latin phrase post scriptum, which means “after writing.” It is meant to reflect the fact that the text marked with “P.S.” was added after the other material had already been written, as an afterthought.

  This week people have been amazing and gone through the works to make me feel loved and special. They even gave me a suprise party, which I loved.  I have no reserve to say I have cried much because I know how I will miss everyone. There is a cheesy line from The Wedding Date that I love and think it applies. The cute guy says “I think i’d miss you even if I had never met you. It is true. Nothing can bring experience like the characters you meet as you walk through life. And without them, just know i’d never be this Shelby.  For those of you who have supported me and those of you who have believed in me even for a second, just wanted you to know without the PS, not as an afterthought.

 I love you.